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ROSbot 2.0 PRO

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ROSbot 2.0 PRO is an advanced version of ROSbot 2.0. It is an autonomous, open source robot platform running on powerful Intel Atom processor. It can be used as a learning platform for Robot Operating System as well as a base for a variety of robotic applications such as logistics robots, inspection robots, custom service robots etc.

It integrates:

  • CPU: Intel Atom x5 Z8350, Quad-core 64-bit processor, 1.92 GHz
  • GPU: Intel HD 400 Graphics 
  • RAM: 4GB DDR3L
  • RGBD camera: Orbbec Astra 
  • LIDAR: Slamtec RPLIDAR A3 laser scanner
  • IMU: BNO055 (accelerometer + gyro)
  • Distance sensor: VL53L0X (time-of-flight) 
  • 4-wheel mobile platform with DC motors
  • Li-on batteries: 3 x 3500 mAh (with protection circuits)
  • Rear panel providing interfaces for additional modules
  • High profile alloy wheels
  • Robust aluminium chassis 

Set contains:

  • ROSbot 2.0 PRO
  • Dedicated charger
  • USB Ethernet Adapter
  • Aluminium Case

You can find dedicated ROSbot tutorials and manuals here