Telepresence robot development kit
Telepresence robot development kit
Telepresence robot development kit

Telepresence Robot kit

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Open-source. Hackable. Internet controlled. This kit allows you to build your own Telepresence robot out-of-the-box in a matter of minutes. Just attach your tablet or smartphone and use our free app to see the real-time video from your robot. If you want, you can share it with your friends with one click.

It integrates:

  • CORE2 controller
  • two DC motors with encoders and wheels
  • one servo motor
  • MPU 9250 inertial sensor (accelerometer + gyro)
  • aluminium chassis with an adjustable holder for a tablet

Set contains:

  • Telepresence robot
  • 3x 2600mAh batteries
  • Dedicated charger

It's main features are:

Intuitive web user interface — you can control this robot from a web browser with arrows on your keyboard or built in joystick in the user interface

Telepresence robot web UI

Smooth driving

Telepresence robot smooth driving

Resilience to disruptions

Telepresence robot resilience to disruptions

Servo controlled leg to start/stop balancing

Telepresence robot leg

You can find dedicated Telepresence robot tutorials and manuals here