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Product Highlights

  • Working Range: 360 Degrees
  • Scanning Frequency: 10Hz
  • Distance Range: 0.1 - 40m
  • Mapping Area: 300m x 300m

MAPPER M2 Overview

SLAMTEC Mapper is an advanced laser LIDAR solution that combines real-time location and mapping capabilities. It is equipped with SLAMTEC’s third-generation high-performance SLAM engine and LIDAR technology. It is a standalone device that does not require any external tools and can be used immediately after being powered on. It is an ideal choice for applications in robot localization and navigation, environmental mapping, and handheld measurement.

Large-scale and High-quality Mapping

SLAMTEC Mapper adopts SLAMTEC’s third-generation high-performance SLAM map optimization engine and SharpEdge™ fine mapping technology, which can achieve high-precision mapping and real-time location of up to 100,000 square meters, and actively detect loop closure and correct maps. It is capable of handling various complex mapping and localization scenarios, and outputs map and location data that meets user expectations.

Power On and Use Immediately

SLAMTEC Mapper can be powered up and started working by only using USB cable.

Tilting Compensation and Fast Moving

SLAMTEC Mapper is equipped with a built-in degree-of-freedom inertial navigation system, which enables normal operation in high and low undulating and inclined environments in handheld mode, ensuring the best mapping quality. Additionally, it can adapt to high-speed movement, with a maximum speed of up to 2m/s.

Work well both Indoors and Outdoors

SLAMTEC Mapper demonstrates excellent capability in mapping and localization for complex indoor and outdoor scenarios, whether it is in challenging indoor environments or outdoor under strong sunlight.

Convenient Data Analysis, Fully Compatible with ROS

SLAMTEC Mapper provides a comprehensive cross-platform SDK development kit, as well as mobile and PC evaluation tools, making it convenient for users to evaluate, develop and use. In addition, combined with the ROS driver, the generated map and location data can be seamlessly integrated into the ROS environment.

Not Only A Mapping LIDAR But Also Laser Sensor

In addition to its built-in mapping and localization functions, SLAMTEC Mapper can also be used as a laser sensor. Users can quickly integrate LiDAR data into their existing system through SDK or ROS node.

Easy Communication

With dual-mode AP/Station WiFi and a 100M Ethernet interface, the SLAMTEC Mapper can be accessed in real-time via the compatible mobile app to obtain mapping and location data.

CLASS 1 Laser Safety Standard

Using a modulated pulse type low-power infrared laser emitting light source, Mapper meets the Class 1 laser safety standard. The laser emits light in a very short time frame which can ensure its safety to human and pets.


Hight: 74.9mm Width: 77.1mm Weight: 165g


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