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The main points for choosing Panther as a base for our last mile delivery robot were its durable built quality which is suited for sustained outdoor use, the transparent open source software with its ROS interface and the high payload capacity - all at a very competitive price point. Especially the fact that the software on Panther is open source helped us during development since we were able to quickly reason about or fix small issues on our own.

Thomas Staufenbiel, CEO at Gestalt Robotics, Germany

We have used Panther as the mobile base for our raspberry harvesting solution and found it to be a reliable and easy-to-use platform. Integrating Panther with the UR5 robotic arm and deploying it in the field posed no challenges. While working with Panther, we also noticed its robust internal design, enhanced safety features, and modularity, enabling extensive customization. Choosing Panther for our project was a smart decision, and we look forward to developing even more advanced solutions for agriculture with its assistance in the future.

Max Polzin & Kai Junge, CREATE Lab, EPFL, Switzerland

We have used Panther in the Rock-Farm project in our robotic solution that performs masonry work on rock walls. The greatest thing about Panther is how well it fits to external components. Thanks to its high payload capacity and powerful battery, it works well as a mobile manipulation platform and can operate the Yaskawa DT 10 robotic arm for 24h. Panther's dimensions make it ideal for construction sites, where it can cooperate directly with operators without posing any safety threats.

Dr. Tobias Brett, CEO & Founder of Rock-Farm, Germany

ROSbot XL is an excellent, reliable product, offering ROS 2 Control with real time and micro-ROS, omnidirectional wheels, a simple charging system and many more advancements. We use it as a part of the Robotics Developer MasterclassName, where our students can control this robot remotely from their homes. As ROSbot XL offers reference setups based on popular projects from the ROS 2 ecosystem, such as Nav2, Slam toolbox, or Fast DDS Discovery Server, it truly enhances the remote learning experience and enriches our students' understanding of robotics.

Ricardo Tellez, CEO & Founder of The Construct, Spain

ROSbot 2.0 from Husarion is a robust and easy to use platform for educational and research purposes. We have been using a fleet of these robots to emulate autonomous cars in a scaled down, experimental road traffic scenarios. Thanks to its detailed documentation, which includes many examples, and an active forum for developers, working with ROSbots has been smooth and enjoyable.

Dr.ing. Sergio Grammatico, Associate Professor, Delft Center for Systems and Control, TU Delft, Netherlands

We have used the ROSbot platform in teaching at MSc level for two consecutive years now. We’ve found it to be a very useful platform for teaching the principles of ROS. Students have also gained skills and experience in accessing a variety of sensor data, and have created control algorithms to navigate an obstacle course. The hardware is generally robust and reliable, and most importantly the support we have received from Husarion has been excellent.

Dr. Rob Wortham, Director of Studies, MSc Robotics & Autonomous Systems, University of Bath, UK

4x powerful BLDC motors

Maximum shaft torque of 60nm, Maximum total traction force of 1511 N

Manipulator integration

Universal Robots, Dobot and Kinova robotic arms available

IP54/66 protection

Full resistance to elements

Universal mounting

Possibility of integrating numerous sensors and other equipment from top manufacturers on the market

Heavy payload

Ability to carry up to 100kg of payload


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