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Product Highlights:

  • Working Range: 360 Degrees
  • Scanning Frequency: 2-10Hz
  • Distance Range: 0.05 - 12m
  • Angular Resolution: 1°

360° Full-scan

The RPLIDAR A1 utilizes a ranging that rotates clockwise, enabling 360° full-scan detection of the surrounding environment and producing a map of the area.

Comparison Under Different Conditions

The sample rate of LIDAR directly decides whether the robot can map quickly and accurately. RPLIDAR A1 improves the internal optical design and algorithm system to make the sample rate up to 8000 times/second.

Configurable Scan Rate from 2-10Hz

Users can adjust the scan rate by alternating the motor PWM signal

Easy to use

RPLIDAR is the designed sensor for applying SLAM algorithm.

Plug and Play

Just connecting the RPLIDAR and a computer via a micro USB cable, users can use the RPlidar without any coding job.

CLASS 1 Laser Safety Standard

Using a modulated pulse type low-power infrared laser emitting light source, RPLIDAR A1 meets the Class 1 laser safety standard and is safe for human eye.

Dimensions Height: 96.8mm Width: 55mm Weight: 170g


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