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Product Highlights

  • Working Range: 360 Degrees
  • Scanning Frequency: 10Hz
  • Distance Range: 0.05 - 18m
  • Angular Resolution: 0.12°

DTOF Ranging Method

Thanks to SLAMTEC’s DTOF (Direct Time-of-Flight) technology, the RPLIDAR S2 guarantees consistent ranging resolution, maintaining the same level of accuracy even at longer distances. The DTOF technology also enables the RPLIDAR S2 to detect objects with different material types, including darker objects, highly reflective surfaces, and even transparent glass.

Sampling rate of up to 32000 times per second

With improved internal optical design and measurement systems, the RPLIDAR S2 achieves a sample rate of up to 32000 times, allowing for more detailed environmental information to be captured during the mapping and navigation process.

Wide Range of Scenarios

The RPLIDAR S2, equipped with an IP65 protection level and formidable sunlight resistance, offers a stable and reliable solution for diverse industrial applications. Its impressive 30-meter range radius makes it an ideal choice for a spectrum of scenarios, from indoor environments like hotels, restaurants, and office buildings to outdoor spaces such as shopping malls.

High Compatibility

Experience high compatibility and adaptability, empowering your projects with the RPLIDAR S2’s versatile communication options.

Small & Compact

The RPLIDAR S2 features a small and compact size that is well-suited for use in robotic applications, meeting the overall appearance requirements. With a scanning optical area height of only 18mm, the sensor is easy to embed in robotic systems.

CLASS 1 Laser Safety Standard

Using a modulated pulse type low-power infrared laser emitting light source, RPLIDAR S2 meets the Class 1 laser safety standard and is safe for human eye.


Hight: 38.85mm Width: 77mm Weight: 190g


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