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Product Highlights

  • Working Range: 360 Degrees
  • Scanning Frequency: 10Hz
  • Distance Range: 0.05 - 40m
  • Angular Resolution: 0.1125°

RPLIDAR-S3 Overview

RPLIDAR S3 developed by SLAMTEC is a new generation of lightweight, high-performance, small-sized LIDAR launched by SLAMTEC in 2023, which can break through the limitations of physical space and be used in a wide range of scenarios. It is able to break through the limitations of physical space and is widely used in a variety of scenarios.RPLIDAR S3 has excellent stability and reliability, even at long distances, black and white objects, or anti-interference ability of ambient light, it can still show excellent distance measurement and map building effect.

Low reflectivity at 15 meters measurement radius

RPLIDAR S3 performs equally well in measuring distances when facing low-reflectivity objects such as black color doors and anti-reflective coating objects. It can measure up to a distance of 15 meters with a 10% reflectivity.

360° wide range coverage capability

RPLIDAR S3 rotates the ranging core clockwise with the motor drive to achieve a 360° scan of the surroundings.

32,000 high-speed sampling capability

RPLIDAR S3 demonstrates exceptional capabilities in real-time perception, precise positioning, and target detection. Its high-speed sampling frequency allows it to capture a greater amount of point cloud data, enabling faster and more accurate mapping.

Superior Fine Object Detection

With an angular resolution of up to 0.1125°, the RPLIDAR S3 is capable of capturing and recognizing fine object details with a high degree of accuracy, thus ensuring the accurate detection of small-sized targets.

80,000Lux Anti-interference Ability of Ambient Light

Thanks to hardware optimization, the RPLIDAR S3 effectively reduced light interference and provides accurate laser ranging data, regardless of challenging conditions such as indoor strong lighting or direct sunlight outdoors.

Support Various Development Platforms

SLAMTEC provides users with SDK development kits that can run on x86 Windows, x86 Linux, arm Linux, and other platforms to match various development applications.

CLASS 1 Laser Safety Standard

RPLIDAR S3 adopts the low power infrared laser light as its light source, and drives it by modulated pulse. It reaches Class 1 Laser Safety Standard which can ensure its safety to human eyes.


Hight: 41.3mm Width: 55.6mm Weight: 115g


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